NOVA IMPIANTI is based on streamlined, coordinated structures, moves with the technological times, and is customer oriented. There are hundreds of reasons why we move in one direction rather than another.

High technology, low environmental impact, energy saving and conservation – this was the target we set at the very beginning and the direction we chose to move in. Our philosophy is obviously based on figures.

We knew that the market wanted environmentally friendly products and products that save money. We listened to market research, moved ahead of the times and above all, concentrated on what we love doing: doing our job as well as we can, well aware that the attention we pay to what we do today means safety in the future.

We put the technical and design know-how used to build and develop our painting systems at our customers’ disposal so that problems related to production needs can be resolved and, in a wider, more modern perspective, market trends can be anticipated.

It is important to be able to rely on someone and you can definitely rely on the service that NOVA IMPIANTI provides.

We work alongside our customers at all times to deal with problems together and cater for all demands and requirements. With this in mind, our products (especially the hi-tech ones) come onto the market as the result of constant research which aims to achieve maximum performance and efficiency.

From left: spray booth, control system and PCL operator panel.